As traveling becomes more accessible and convenient, almost anyone can travel from one point to another. Airline and hotel accommodations are more affordable than they were before. There are a lot of discounts, promos and group tours that encourage us to try. And, most of us are already hooked up on traveling once we tried it.

However, for some, traveling may be expensive or out of their budget. But you do not need to break the bank. Here is a list of 12 budget-friendly vacation spots you can visit this 2020: 


Most of the destinations on the list will be crowded with a lot of Southeast Asian countries, and one of these countries is Thailand. Known as one of the Backpacker’s Haven, Thailand is a place of relaxation and warmth. It is also known for its infamous night markets and floating market. Make sure to visit the place and get in touch with the locals.

Thailand is also surrounded by great beaches. You may want to stay on a resort in Phuket just to stroll around the shore and watch the sunset. If you are finding your inner peace, you may want to educate yourself about Buddhism. Their teachings are wholesome, perfect for people who wanted to find serenity and clarity.


Another Southeast Country, Philippines is an archipelago just at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. This temperate country is known for its hospitality and awesome food like Adobo and Lechon Baboy. What makes the Philippines appealing to international tourists is the capability of most Filipinos to speak and understand in English. So, it is rather easy to communicate with them.

If you are planning to visit the Philippines, you may want to visit the famous Boracay, the acknowledged UNESCO Heritages Sites in Palawan, the cold tempered Baguio City and the rolling hills of Sierra Madre. 


Unlike Hong Kong, this East Asian country offers more affordable choices for its international and local tourists. Be in love with Taoyuan for their massive tulip fields; reach the skies with Taipei 101 and travel back in time in the National Palace Museum.

Although a very small area, Taiwan can give you an amazing getaway for a lifetime.


Mexico is a great country surrounded by awesome beaches and colorful culture. They are known for their impressive list of food, which is well-loved by people around the world such as Burrito and Enchiladas. Make sure to walk around the town and visit local markets to purchase their fresh produce. You may even have the chance to taste the most amazing avocado you will ever have.


Vietnam is known as the home of the authentic rice noodles. People come here to experience exotic food and culture. However, do not be overwhelmed when you saw the swarm of motorcycles running across town. If you are brave enough, you may even consider riding one just to experience the thrill and stress. 

Make sure to visit HaLong Bay and get prepared to see a rather unique landscape. For nature lovers, this may be the place you will love to go back to.


This country is where the famous Bali is located. Visit Bali and prepare to experience paradise. However, do not limit yourself with what Bali may have to offer. Indonesia is the perfect tourist destination. Go around town and see what the place has to offer. If you love beaches, then go swimming and surfing. If you love the city, then go for a stroll. If you love nature, then go visit their pine forests.


India is located in the South of Asia. This massive country is the home of more than 1 billion people. What attracts people to visit this mystifying place is their culture and utterly uniqueness. With more than 1 billion population, expect a very dynamic and wide range of different cultures. 

When visiting India, make sure to visit the Taj Mahal and Ganges River. These places are known as the iconic landmarks of India.


When we think about European countries, one cannot help but think that it is not an ideal vacation spot for people who are on a budget. But, fear not! Romania is one of the underrated countries in the east of Europe. Although not as popular as the other iconic European countries, Romania offers the European experience at a budget.

Explore the beautiful historical and architectural sites as you roam around this meek country. This country is the home of multiple castles such as the Bran Castle and the Peles Castle. Poiana Brașov is the perfect escapade for people who loves skiing. This ice desert paradise will keep you on the hook.


Ukraine is known for its beautiful scenery and gorgeous people. This European country is hiding beautiful structures and buildings to which you wish you could have life. Visit Odesa and traverse the Potemkin Stairs. These stairs are insanely wrong, and you will probably out of breath once you reached the end of it. Make sure to check on the Odesa Opera and Ballet Theatre before checking out.


Another underrated European country, Latvia is a country by the Baltic Sea. Similar to her European siblings, Latvia is the home of multiple architectural and historic structures. As you stroll around the town center, make sure to buy yourself a rye bread. It is a popular food and is specially made by locals. 

Visit their famous sites such as the St. Peter’s Church, House of the Black Heads and Riga Central Market.


Guatemala, a country located in South America, is known for its volcanoes, lush forests, beaches, and the famous Mayan Sites. If visiting this temperate country, make sure to sightsee the Pacaya volcano. After this, visit the local hot springs to de-stress.

If the volcano does not allure you so much, then you might want to visit Takal. Takal is an ancient Mayan city, home of pyramid ruins. Due to its well-preserved condition, you may find yourself traveling back in time.


This majestic island in the pacific might sound like an expensive location to go through. However, with the boom of the backpacker culture, a lot of locals started opening up their hostels and dorm rooms. This way, one can still visit this rather posh destination.

This is the best place where you want to be surrounded by the pacific ocean and relive for a day on how to be Moana. 

Even if you have the perfect itinerary, always prepare for the unexpected. Trip interruption and trip cancellation can happen last minute. To make sure you will be able to enjoy your well-thought plan, you may want to consider all avail remedies to make sure nothing prevents it.

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