For most, decent earphones and a list of music are a must bring when traveling. However, for some, a nice quiet ride and a good book work better than a pop tune. If you are one of those people who preferred reading, whether it may be on your gadget or an actual book, then you may consider the following to accompany you during your travel:

As I Walk Out One Midsummer Morning – written by Laurie Lee

The book is based on the experience of the author. The protagonist started his journey by leaving his small village on foot. His journey took him to London, which then led him to Spain. The story highlights the Spanish Civil War and how the protagonist got involved. 

The author poetically tells about his encounters with poor people in the village he visited and describes the beauty of the landscapes that he saw.

The Beach – authored by Alex Garland

A story of a young backpacker’s search for an unknown, untouched and idyllic isolated beach far from tourism. He spent his time with a small community of backpackers. A utopia for escapism is evoked in this novel.

This will surely inspire and will relate to a lot of travelers who enjoy backpacking.

Full Tilt, Ireland to India with a Bicycle – written by Dervla Murphy

Not long after her tenth birthday celebration, Dervla Murphy aspires to cycle to India. After nearly 20 years, she set out to accomplish her aspiration. Her epic voyage started during the coldest winter in memory, taking her through Europe, Persia, Afghanistan, over the Himalayas to Pakistan, and into India.

A story of self-satisfaction anyone would want to crave for.

Honeymoon with My Brother a book – written by Franz Wisner

In the wake of being abandoned at his wedding, the protagonist takes off on a two-year honeymoon in 52 countries with a sibling he barely knows. What pursues is a progression of passionate, entertaining and sudden experiences as the protagonist fights to defeat his misfortune and reconnect with his sibling. One of the most tragic books to read while traveling, so prepare your tissues.

Carpet Wars: From Kabul to Baghdad book – authored by Christopher Kremmer

An individual’s odyssey through war, fellowship, and craftsmanship along the old Silk Route. An intriguing travel book that lights up the contemporary story of Southwest Asia and offers an exceptional understanding of the characters of warlords, presidents, and sheiks.

Just a Little Run Around the World – authored by Rosie Swale-Pope

When her husband died of cancer, 57-year old Rosie set off on a journey to run around the world and to raise money in memory of his husband. Pursued by wolves, wrecked by a bus, defied by bears, chased by a stripped man with a firearm and stranded with extreme frostbite, Rosie’s amazing 20,000-mile, multi-year, solo adventure is as grasping as it is motivating.

Into the Wild – written by Jon Krakauer

Maybe one of the most well-known books to peruse while traveling, Into the Wild pursues the true story of Chris McCandles, a youngster who strolled into the Alaskan wild looking for illumination and ultimately perished. This sad tale triggers the other side of human emotions.

Dark Star Safari – authored by Paul Theroux

Traveling the bush and desert; traversing down the waterways and crosswise over lakes; skipping the country to another, Theroux visits are probably the most delightful scenes on earth, but with absolute danger. It is a journey of revelation and rediscovery of the obscure and the unforeseen. The story follows the young and idealistic Theroux. 

Dark Star Safari discusses the aid of Western countries in Africa.

The Cloud Garden – written by Tom Hart Dyke and Paul Winder

This intriguing book recounts the story of two far-fetched explorers who teamed up and attempted to get past the hole from Panama to Colombia by walking. After a tiresome journey and only a few hours from success, they were caught by the FARC fighters and held a detainee in the wilderness for nine months.

Follow this break sweating adventure and hold on to your seats as the story take you away. 

The Kite Runner – book written by Khaled Hosseini

An interesting read about Afghanistan under Taliban rule. The story pursues the destiny of two little fellows, one of whom can get away to America, while the other is compelled to remain behind. Make sure to take a break after reading to exhaust all your feelings. 

The Lost City of Z – authored by David Grann

This is the book you need to peruse on the off chance that you are going into the Amazon. The book tells the story of a capricious British adventurer, Percy Fawcett, who invested his time on earth driving into the Amazon looking for the unbelievable Lost City of Z. The book relates his life, his experiences with un-reached clans and his last undertaking, from which he didn’t return. Think of this as another Indiana Jones story.

The Killing Fields – written by Christopher Hudson

One of the best books you can find out about Cambodia. The story focuses on the time Cambodia is under the rule of the Khmer Rouge. Awful, flawlessly composed and historically accurate, this book will change how you see Cambodia until the end of time.

Mud, Sweat, and Tears – authored by Bear Grylls

The rousing personal history of Bear Grylls in which he recoups from a crushed spirit and became one of the youngest climbers to scale Mount Everest. Probably the best book to peruse while traveling anywhere! It genuinely motivates you to challenge yourself.

Nine Lives – written by William Dalrymple

A Buddhist priest wages war to oppose the Chinese intrusion of Tibet – at that point spends the rest of his life attempting to make up for the brutality by hand printing the best petition signals in India. While a Jain sister tests the forces of separation as she watches her closest companion customarily starve herself to death. 

Nine individuals, nine lives; everyone taking an alternate strict way, every one an exceptional story. Nine Lives will take the storytelling to another level. Prepare to see nine different people simultaneously in one reading.

Absurdistan – authored by Gary Shteyngart

The story follows Misha Vainberg, an overweight child of a rich man. As the story flow, you will see that this book does not dwell only on how Misha would find his love, but at the same time, exhibits a tragicomedy between International relations. Do not be intimidated, try and read. And you will be laughing at every satire you will get to read. 

These are only some of the books you would love to read. However, these books are also ideal gifts for travelers. So if you are not yet decided what to give to your travel-holic pal, these books might be the perfect choice. 

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