Are you planning an exotic trip to the beaches of Hawaii? Or are you going on a business trip to London? Chances are that you may have already encountered “travel insurance” when you were about to pay your plane ticket online or when your agent offers such.
Travel Insurance is one of the most underrated privileges one can have. You must always begin your journey by getting travel insurance. One cannot control the misfortunes during travel, but you can surely get the monetary compensation if ever it happens.
In this article, we will discuss the benefits of having travel insurance to remind you of its importance.

Travel insurance is one of the most important things to buy for your trip — no matter how long you are going away for it is a must-have.

A friend recently got dengue fever and had to cancel a lot of her travel plans — but her travel insurance covered the hospital costs and reimbursed her expenses. Insurance was there when I popped an eardrum and lost luggage. It was there when another friend had to go home after her father died. It was there for these people too:

Travel insurance is a must but since it is a confusing topic (try reading New York insurance law for fun. I did. Note: It’s not fun.) today I want to answer the common questions about travel insurance. These questions pop up in my inbox all the time and are the greatest points of confusion on the subject:

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Primary Purposes

The following are the usual reasons why travel insurance is availed by consumers:

1.   Medical Coverage
One of the primary purposes of travel insurance is medical coverage. There are instances where the flu just got you or a sudden medical emergency happens. This is offered as a treatment in some countries can be pretty expensive. A travel medical insurance allows you to get reimbursements on your medical treatment abroad.

2.   Trip Cancellation/Stress-Free Stay
Do you need to cut short or cancel a trip due to an emergency? No need to worry! Travel insurance protects you by reimbursing non-refundable expenses if you need to cancel your trip before you depart. This is to avoid a burden on your pocket in cases of such an inevitable scenario wherein you need to last-minute cancel your trip.
Unfortunately, for those who would or could not avail of such travel insurance, these expenses are more or less non-refundable. It is you who will carry the burden of your money already paid.

3.   Compensation for lost luggage
If you have been traveling for a long time, there is a chance that once you have you’re your luggage. You might be one of the lucky ones who were able to retrieve their lost luggage. However, for others, this is a fear.
By availing travel insurance, it would compensate for the lost or stolen luggage during traveling. It’s highly likely you may be reimbursed for the cost of replaced travel documents and passports. The theft of cash is also covered by a travel insurance policy.

4.   Reclaim canceled flights cost
What’s more agonizing than a toothache? A canceled flight. Whether the reason is flight cancellation or rescheduling due to technical or weather issues, best-rated travel insurance will cover those expenses and act as compensation for the lost time.
This is similar to a Trip Cancellation, the only difference is the reason for the cancellation. In this case, it is the carrier’s issue.

5.   Disruption of journey
You are traveling, and the flight gets delayed? In case your flight is delayed for more than 6 hours you will be compensated for the food and accommodation you pay for during that period. However, the hours and factors vary from one state to another. Check your travel and insurance and available laws regarding the matter. Make sure to get the most out of your insurance.

Other Purposes:

The following are other purposes for travel insurance, usually, they are included by a specific request or specific travel insurance:

1.   Taking care of accommodation
What if you get sick and cannot get back home? A lot of us already ponder on this matter. How will I pay the additional accommodation cost while I stay here and get treated? Well, Travel insurance will take care of additional accommodation and travel charges. The emergency compensation will look after you until you get back safely.

2.   Coverage in remote parts
People traveling to remote areas for business or pleasure should get a travel insurance policy to compensate for a misfortunate event if any. Travel insurance is perfect for those who are really adventurous and like to explore the wilderness. In case of a sudden illness or an accident, the cost of an emergency medevac in remote areas can cost a fortune.

3.   Dental Emergencies
A toothache is one of the worst pains which a person can bear. It is even more agonizing when the ache happens while traveling. An overseas dental coverage in your travel can do wonders and allow you to have a painless trip. It is another travel insurance benefit

4.   Save your Loyalty Points
Frequent travelers usually buy tickets using the loyalty points they have gained through frequent flying. One of the travel insurance benefits is that your points are compensated for in case of any mishap.

5.   Tension-free car hire
What if you are involved in a car accident in a rented car or it gets stolen? A travel insurance policy usually takes care of these unexpected expenses which may otherwise disturb the whole trip. As these expenses are generally very high, it is advisable to invest in a good travel insurance policy.

6.   Complete family coverage
For people traveling with families, travel insurance is a must as it covers everyone on the trip. If you are the head of the family and want to ensure the safety of your loved ones, travel insurance becomes a must. As there is a higher chance that one of your family members may encounter an unfortunate scenario.

7.   Personal Liability
In case of an emergency where you are found responsible for someone else’s injury or accident, a travel insurance policy may cover for you. Buying travel insurance will bring along with it a peace of mind.

8.   Travel companion coverage
If due to an accident your travel companion suffers an injury and is unable to travel, a travel insurance policy will cover those additional travel and accommodation expenses if the need arises.

9.   Hospital allowance
Some of the best travel insurance companies out there will pay you a specific amount per day in case you are hospitalized for a couple of days. It is mostly done for overseas travelers.

10. Permanent disability while traveling
In some severe accidents, a traveler might have to face lifelong disability. In such scenarios, many travel insurance companies are bound to give a disability payment to the traveler if they have medical insurance coverage.

11. Loss of Income
In the case of permanent disabilities or injuries where one cannot work, you are entitled to an income benefit for a fixed time from your travel insurance company.

12. Ease of alternative mode of transportation
A delay or interruption in your travel, causing you to skip/miss an important event? By buying a travel insurance plan, you can choose an alternative mode of transport to reach your destination, and the travel insurance will cover the costs.

13. Pets coverage
People with domestic pets who are unable to reach back on time. The additional cost of looking after them will be covered by the travel insurance company as well. Some necessary travel insurance policies don’t cover this, so remember to check this in advance.

14. Domestic Help
A great travel insurance policy may even offer housekeeping services after you return in cases you got injured or disabled during your travel.

15. Activity coverage
For adrenaline seekers, various high octane sports are covered in travel insurance. When buying travel insurance, check if your travel insurance offers activity coverage

Are you ready to buy travel insurance?

Travel Insurance may be deemed as an unnecessary expense for others. However, the beauty of travel insurance is that it is readily available to rescue us for any unforeseen events. You may consider paying extra bucks rather than paying thousand more in case any of the following happens.
Remember that the cost of travel insurance varies from one place to another; from one company to another. Try asking some friends and trusted travel agents to determine which company suits your interest better.
Head over to your local travel agent or go online to check the best travel insurance plans perfect for your needs.

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