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Daniel Smith

You probably already know the essentials you are expected to bring during your vacation. You also know what are the things you may deem necessary, but not really needed. However, there are some things that even though are not essentials are actually quite useful. People may deem it useless, but who are we to judge? You cannot really claim one to be “not” essential until you determine if it something you would probably use. An item becomes an “essential” based on the traveler. Basically, an item may be essential to one, but not really to another. 

But if you still have a space on your bag or luggage, you may want to consider the following as an extra “essential.”


Most people would say “never mind” as this something not everyone is fond of. Understandably, this is something you would not normally find in one’s luggage or bag. However, if you are about to face a long ride or flight, then reading a good book may help you ease the pain of waiting. 

If you are not a fan of books, you may want to try one this once. You may pick rather simple ones as a start. If you find it difficult to focus on reading, you may want to pick a book with a lot of images or drawings. If that does not work you, then you may consider audiobooks. Books have adapted to our current time and are available in almost every form. Books are either physically bound, found as a PDF or an audio one. With these conveniences, you cannot really have an excuse to skip a book. 

There is a lot of variety of books out there. Make sure to visit your local bookstore or online store to check on this. It is okay to search online on which kind of books you may want to read. However, do not get stuck with their recommendations. You may try something outside your normal choices just to make things a little bit interesting. Besides, the books are also awesome gifts for travelers. 


Travel Journal

This may sound trivial for others, but a lot of people have been taking travel journals. People usually used photos and videos to record and keep a memory during travel. And for this same purpose, people also have been keeping their travel journals. What makes travel journals more intimate than photos and videos is that the story of the travel is told from a specific perspective. All your thoughts during travel can be showered in this journal. You may include the feelings you have while you are on the bus. You may scribble and draw the clouds you saw at 9 am. You may use the dried leaf as evidence in your journal that you actually visited a specific site. 

Travel Journal can be personalized in any shape or form you may want. It could also be written by you or typewritten. Whatever floats the boat that would be appropriate for you. 



Unfortunately, Sunblock is a missed essential item. Most people get their skin harshly hurt because they barely use sunblock to save their skin from the sun. People must understand that Ultraviolet rays are really harmful. If you are planning to sunbathe, then make sure to appropriately place sunblock on your skin. You are not blocking the tan the sun can give you. You are blocking the harmful UV rays. At the same time, it does not mean that because it is cloudy, you cannot get hurt by the UV rays. This is rather a misconception. You are still advised to wear sunblock at all times as long as you are exposing yourself to sunlight, regardless if it is cloudy or not. 

There are a lot of varieties of sunblock to choose from. So do not be afraid to shop especially for sensitive skin. For people who fear that the sunblock may have an effect on the aquatic life once they dipped in the ocean, there are actually environmentally-friendly sunblocks you may choose from. Although, not all stores sold this special variant. However, you may want to look it up online. At the same time, there are also special sunblocks for kids in case you wonder.

Sunblock may sound like a hassle, but in the end, we are protecting our skin from harmful UV rays. It is a good investment.    

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