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Serbia is generally a new traveler’s goal. Throughout the late spring travelers love exploring in Belgrade and can visit so many national parks within the country. In winter, they can go to the mountain resorts, one of the most well known is Kopaonik. There are likewise numerous spa resorts, like, Sokobanja, Niška Banja and Vrnjačka Banja.

Serbia was created as a tourist spot just recently compared to the neighboring Croatia, despite the fact that it is likewise a beautiful country. From the fields of Vojvodina that will make you remember ‘Dr. Zhivago’ in winter, with numerous mountains, lakes and ski resorts.

Serbia culture, ethnicity and religions is quite a mix. Serbians are one of the most friendly and inviting people and Belgrade was known as one of the best capitals of Europe. Serbia has a soul and a spirit that is uncommon and worth to explore combined with melange of various societies and a fervor for good living.

You may have been planning your travel list for this year. You have considered traveling around your local region. You thought of booking for a cruise. You even considered having a trip to Europe. When one says Europe, people would immediately think about Paris, London, Munich, Budapest and other European destinations people have been crowding for. But there are less talked about European countries and cities that deserve their own respective recognition.

Even for one day, you may enjoy a slice of Europe. Serbia is a secluded country cornered by other European countries. This quiet but timid country has more to offer besides its laid back nature. Give it just one day, then you will be amazed at what you will be able to see. However, make sure to take some notes about international travel safety tips. You know, just in case any unforeseen events. 


When visiting the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade, you may want to crash at Kalemegdan. This beautiful fortress surrounded by the city’s beautiful parks makes you want to visit. Although rich in the history of wars and turmoils, this does not remove Kalemegdan’s charms as a very romantic spot in the city. 

Make sure to visit this place and roam around the area. You would find serenity as you pass through the forested area and the nearby river. It is amazing how such a beautiful breathing space maintains its appearance in a rather big city. Best to visit Kalemegdan during the afternoon when the sun sets. So make sure to place your Kalemegdan visit in the end part of your itinerary. 


Knez Mihailova Street

As soon as the timer hits 9 am, you should be already hitting the Knez Mihailova Street. Knez Mihailova Street is a street for pedestrians. It is also near Stari Grad and the fortress, so you should not worry about where to hit next if you finish strolling around this infamous street.

Knez Mihailova Street offers not only these fashion, beauty and upscale boutiques but also local products from local sellers. Make sure to check on what locals sell for you to avail of an authentic souvenir from the place. Enjoy the street view and the intimate culture in this place as you walk around. Make sure to ask the locals if you have any questions. 

If you feel that your stomach is getting grumpy, you may want to visit the local restos and cafes. They actually surrounds the street. You may want to try their specials. They will surely make you crave for more. As you savor the food and fill your soul, you may want to observe the overall atmosphere of the place and the locals. You have a better understanding of locals culture once you dwell on it. At the same time, you could further learn about it by enjoying the menu they have to offer. If you are unsure what to order, then you may want to ask the servers to make sure it could fit your taste preference and it is something you are comfortable with. 


Nikola Tesla Museum

A trip in the infamous Belgrade would not be completed without visiting the place that celebrates Nikola Tesla. For all the fans of this great inventor and scientist, this is a great way to show respect to this fallen legend. As you look around the museum, you will be shown about Tesla’s greatest achievements that helped the world. You would be amazed at how some of his research and inventions are being practically adapted and used today. The museum highlights the unbelievable intelligence of Tesla. 

Make sure that as you look around, you are not only looking at these amazing things. But also learning more about them. You will fully appreciate something by learning a little more details about Tesla’s inventions. You may ask the guides if you have any questions regarding the displays. 

Also, you are expected to be respectful once you visited the place. So make sure to keep your hands off if required. If you have your children, especially toddlers, then you are expected to look over them. Do not expect that the guide will be there to help you babysit your kids. Please, you are also required to follow the rules and regulations set by the management. Do not disrespect this established set of rules. These rules are placed there for a reason. 

With all that fear, it’s much easier to stay at home in our comfort zones than to break out and travel.

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