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For some, traveling is an essential part of their lives. Traveling became a part of their routine to de-stress and relax. Traveling becomes so accessible that anyone of status can travel around. However, some people still find traveling complicated and almost impossible, especially those with pets. They always need to consider their pets when they plan to travel. In cases they wanted to travel, they either asked a friend to take care of their pets, hire a nanny or bring their pets with them. The first two choices are usually what people with pets prefer. It is deemed easier to just leave their pets. 

However, some pet owners wanted to bring their pets with them on their travels. Usually, these pet owners either have a cat or a dog as a pet. These pets are way easier to handle and bring around. But, what should you consider before traveling with your beloved pet dog or cat?

Determine whether you are going to travel by plane or by car

You may want to set immediately whether you are traveling by car or plane. When you are going to travel by car, pets are easier to handle. The only issue that you may encounter when you travel by car is whether you travel through your own car, shared vehicle or hired vehicle. 

If you use your own car, then you are fine. If it is a shared vehicle with friends or family, then ask them if they have any allergies to your pet. For hired or rented vehicle, ask first the lessor if it is okay for you to have pets in it. Unfortunately, some lessors do not want their lessees to have pets in their cars. So make sure to ask this question first.

For planes, they require extra “requirements” if you plan to travel with pets. If your pets are considered “service animals”, then certain airlines may be lenient with you. Usually, each airline has different requirements when traveling with pets or animals. So check on their website or ask their customer services what requirements are needed for you to travel with your pets. As one requirement may be present in another airline, while it is not required on the other. However, as general requirements, your pet (dog or cat) must be at least 8 weeks old and fully weaned before the actual travel date. Also, they do not let pets who are sick, in distress or violent in the plane.

Prepare your pets and their stuff

Once you determined whether your pet is allowed to your chosen mode of transportation, it is time to prepare your pet and their items. To physically prepare your pets, have them check-up by their veterinarian. Ask if your pet needs any medication during travel. You may also want to ask for advice from the veterinarian to comfort your pet in case it suddenly feels distressed. 

After confirming your pet’s overall physical and mental state and your veterinarian gives you the sign of approval, you may now proceed and prepare your pet’s travel stuff. If you are using your car or if the car owner allows it, then you may want to skip the cage. However, provided your dog is well-behaved and comfortable without a cage. If not, then get a cage that fits your pet’s size. Make sure to place a comfortable bed in it. Also, make sure to place a pet water dispenser to make your pet hydrated throughout the journey. Make sure to pack enough food for your pet. It is better to pack food for them especially if you are uncertain whether there are pet stores in the places you will visit. At the same time, you may want to throw a toy or two to make your pet comfortable. Do not forget to get a leash if you decided to have a walk. 

Determine the places you plan to visit

Understandably, traveling is not cheap. Your budget might be challenged now that you are traveling with a pet. So make sure to check some points before traveling. When traveling, especially when for the first time, you may want to travel on places labeled as “vacation places on a budget.” You can start by searching and asking for friends for these ideal spots. After determining whether these vacation places fit your budget, you may now start researching places where pets are allowed. Why travel in a place where your pet is prohibited? So make sure to take a double-take before settling for a vacation spot. You may want to find places that are pet-friendly or has a lot of open spaces for you and your pet to roam around. 

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