Travelling has been a must-do for most of us. As the years go by, traveling becomes more accessible to the majority. It used to be a luxury, but such became a norm that an ordinary Joe or Jane can avail it. Less than or not, you have a friend, relative or workmate who is known for his or her endless travels. This Christmas (or even any day of the year), if you are in doubt on what kind of present this travel-holics wanted, then you might consider the following:

Travel Neck Pillow

Probably one of the most underrated gifts in the market for travelers and traveler-wannabes. Travel Neck Pillows are a convenient and comfortable tool to sleep with when you are in for a long ride, may it be on the airplane or on the bus. However, make sure to pick a durable one. A durable and decent Travel Neck Pillow will work fine for a long time. Some Travel Neck Pillow offered in the market tend to be light and soft, however, they tend to lose their form and degrade over time.

Expandable Bag

Another underrated gift that you can give to an avid traveler. If you have been traveling for some time now, you may understand the need to have extra luggage for your souvenirs or just another space for your used stuff. 

 The expandable bag is an efficient way to keep your luggage low, but at the same time have an extra bag in case you have extra baggage to carry. Your friends who want to haggle and buy memento. 

Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds does not only work seamlessly during a regular day’s work but is a fantastic buddy during travel. Any traveler friend of yours will appreciate having Wireless Earbuds to accompany him during the long flight or slow bus shuttles. Make sure that these Earbuds work well with their phones or gadgets of choice. 

Collapsible Canteen or Stainless Tumbler

When your traveler friend loves to backpack trips, a collapsible canteen or stainless tumbler will be something he will love to have. Collapsible canteen and Stainless Tumbler are a convenient way to fill it with drinking water. These items also will serve convenience for your adventurous friends who are always on the dirt road or the top of icy mountains.

Desk Globe

It may sound unnecessary, but a Desk Globe could make any traveler glow with excitement. The Desk Globe could serve as a reminder of their travels or motivate them to travel more. They could use the globe to place pins to pinpoint the places they have already discovered. If you are going to use this as a present, make sure to accompany it with a simple letter or card.

International Travel Plug Adapter

Any traveler will never know they needed this little stuff until you give it to them. Any seasoned international traveler can confirm how an electric adapter differs from one country to another. There is a chance that your charger does not fit on another country’s electric adapter. This could lead to unnecessary inconveniences. This international travel plug adapter will make any traveler’s journey a little less hectic.

Security Door Stop Alarm 

An ideal gift for a traveler who goes solo, especially for travelers who enjoy backpacking. Make sure to inform them how to use it. It is ideally placed every night under your door before sleeping. It is better safe than never.

As provided, the use of this item is provided as travel safety tips for women. Anyone can use it, however, a solo female traveler is prone as victims as they are deemed defenseless and vulnerable.

Camera Tripod

Most travelers enjoy taking photos of their travels. It serves as a reminder of their endless adventures. Present to them a camera tripod to assist with their travels, especially if they travel alone. Let us be honest, not everyone is a good photographer. Either relying on a stranger to take your photo can end up being a flop, or you are just too shy to let someone take a photo of you. Though make sure to determine what kind of camera do they use to determine what kind of tripod to purchase,

Travel Journal

A simple gift, but a noteworthy one. If your friend who enjoys traveling always keeps a tab of their travels, then they will love a travel journal. Make sure to get them a handy one, which they can easily pick up to write their immediate experience. If they enjoy scribbling or make scrapbooks, pick a travel journal composed of blank pages to give space for his drawings and photos. But if otherwise, you can pick any travel journal that will suit their likings.

Travel Books (or Audio Books)

If your traveler friend enjoys books, then one of the best gifts you can give them is travel books (or Audio Books, whatever works for them). Try to find the travel books that focus on a specific region or state that your friend had been thinking of visiting soon. Or, find a book about how to effectively maximize your time in traveling a certain place. Just make sure that it is something that would perk his interest.


It is one of the unusual gifts you can give to anyone, but surely an awesome gift to a very adventurous traveler. LifeStraw is used to filter any water into drinking water. This works well for survival or just for camping. Do not be afraid as LifeStraw is being sold at a reasonable rate.

Deciding what to give to a friend who loves to travel could quite be complicated. However, sometimes we just need to focus on these simple details to learn that the best gifts we can give them are convenience and memory. But these gifts mean nothing if we give it to them with an ill heart. So make sure when you reach their gifts to them, you are 100 percent giving it out of love. Because nothing shouts more gift than the love of giving.

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