What can I expect from Australia?

Australia is famously known as the country down under. This country is so wide that it is the home for multiple landscapes from deserts to forested reserves. Australia is also home to multiple coastal cities such as Sydney. Any traveler would not get bored in visiting this country, as it has multiple available places to visit, food to try and activities to engage with. 

So if you are not yet sure with your 2020 travel itinerary, then Australia might cut.

Things to See and Do in Australia

  • Admire and visit the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is an iconic landmark that probably comes to the traveler’s mind when you say Australia. This beautiful structure stood by the harbor, is admired not only by bystanders but also by a passerby. You may admire the structure near or afar. You do not need to spend a dime. However, Sydney Opera House offers in house tours for anyone interested.

Probably the most popular animals found in Australia, Koalas and Kangaroos are a short hit for domestic and international travelers alike. Make sure to visit the zoo with your kids or friends and be entranced with these incredible creatures.

  • Grab the opportunity and scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef

Want to find a whole new world? This statement perfectly fits what will you see as you scuba dive in the Coral Sea to fully admire the intense beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. You will be exposed to multiple sea creatures and corals. However, please follow the instructions of your tour guide. Avoid hurting any sea creature and enjoy them at the distance. At the same time, make sure to donate at the local organization helping to preserve the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Pause and be mesmerized at Red Centre

The Windsor Castle is still the home of the royal family, especially Queen Elizabeth II. She enjoys most of her weekend in this enchanted castle. You may not encounter the queen face to face, at least you were able to see and admire the majestic fairytale-like castle. 

  • Fantasize your prince charming in Edinburgh Castle

Red Centre exhibits a rather unique but stunning landscape. You can infer why it is called the Red Centre. Almost the whole area is covered by red looking soil and rocks. At the same time, the Red Centre is a sacred place for the aboriginal people. As you tour the place, you will be able to be educated about the aboriginal culture. 

If you still have time, watch for the sunsets. The lights dainty shine over the Red Centre, it will make you gasp because of its beauty. 

  • Leap to Melbourne

Do you want to experience what it is like to be living in a city in Australia? Then come to Melbourne. This Coastal City is one of Australia’s major cities. Once here, you are greeted immediately by the concrete jungle. Building and infrastructures tower over you. When visiting the place, make sure to just walk around; visit local cafes and restaurants. Also, try visiting their local museums. If given a chance, try to attend a sports event while drinking a cocktail with some new-found friends. 


Typical Costs When Travelling

AccommodationThe accommodation cost may range from 15 to 110 Australian Dollars per night. You need to consider if you are staying in a hostel and which part of Australia.

Food Australia is a rather expensive place, especially in its cities. One may have an average food cost of 15 Australian Dollars per day.

TransportationThe estimated cost of local transportation is around 60 to 80 Australian Dollars per day per person. 


Suggested daily budgetSimilar to developed countries, Australia is on the high end of the spectrum in terms of budget. One may at least have around 300 Australian Dollars to spend for a day. This includes accommodation, food, and transportation. Make sure to free up some space on your budget if you plan to engage in various activities.

Money Saving Tips

You do not need to enter museums and theaters. Simple admiring them outside is already worth more than what you should pay for. Besides, it is free.
Try booking your accommodations through Hostel, Dorm rooms and Airbnb if you are on a tight budget.
As mentioned above, these types of accommodations also tend to have common kitchen space. Prep for your food. Buy fresh produce and ingredients from the local farmer’s market or grocery store. You may spend some time and effort, but at least you are saving some money.
You do not need to buy souvenirs. Photos and videos are good enough as they would serve as a memory of your travel for the years to come. However, if you have an extra budget, why not?
Try walking around the City. In cities, places tend to be knitted together. You may find hidden gems you may not even consider visiting until you walk past them. At the same time, you are saving your transportation costs.
  • As traveling becomes more accessible and convenient, almost anyone can travel from one point to another. Airline and hotel accommodations are more affordable than they were before. There are a lot of discounts, promos and group tours that encourage us

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