What can I expect from Brazil?

Brazil is the largest country that occupies the majority of South America. Brazil is known for its love of soccer, long stretches of beaches and is one of the homes of the Amazon Rainforest. However, it is also the home of the Christ the Redeemer, one of the largest sculptures of Jesus Christ in the world.

Brazil offers a very festive culture and explosive flavors in their food. So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to place Brazil as a priority travel destination this 2020.

Things to See and Do in Brazil

  • Attend the Carnival Festival

Probably the most elaborative and explosive festival in the world, Brazil’s Carnival Festival will make sure you will remember every minute of it. You will be able to see the loud and wild side of Brazil. Their culture through their dance, music, and costumes will shine through. Make sure you are prepared to shut your lungs out and shake your body until you are tired. 

  • Pay a visit on Amazon Rainforest 

With the current tragedies that the Amazon Rainforest has encountered, make sure to contact the local organization supporting the rehabilitation and protection of the rainforest. Ask them to refer to you as the most reliable tour guide to educate and show you around the enchanted forest. Make sure to give your support and love for these organizations. They need it more than we expected.

  • Admire the Christ the Redeemer up close

Christian or not, one needs to admit that the Christ the Redeemer is such a feat. This massive sculpture is so impressive, one would question how can an artist do this. Let alone have the structure placed at the top of the hill. Nonetheless, let your eyes be satisfied with this massive work of art.  

  • Take a Samba class

More likely than not, a tourist would not spend a day doing a random dance activity in a foreign land. He or she would likely visit a museum or a park. But in this case, you should enroll and take a Samba Class session. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be taught by people who are technically the expert in this field. Let your heart and mind go, and let your soul do the dancing. This will be a refreshing act from your very hectic lifestyle. 

  • Feel the seawater at Copacabana

Copacabana is one of the most visited beach areas in Brazil. If you wanted to get a decent tan, then make sure to visit this place. Hang around with your buddies and enjoy the sea breeze and soft white sand. 

  • Drink one of the world’s greatest coffee while watching a soccer game

Brazilian Coffee is considered as one of the greatest coffees in the world. Brazil has also been exporting their coffee beans outside to be processed as instant coffee. Brazilian coffee was described as bittersweet and smooth. It is surely addicting. Make sure to drink your coffee while watching soccer. More likely than not, you would be able to see locals playing their beloved team sport.

Typical Costs When Travelling

AccommodationAn average hotel accommodation would cost around 30 US dollars. This is good for two persons.

FoodWhile an average food cost would wound up to 25 US dollars a day. This covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Transportation The average local transportation cost per person is 25 US dollars a day.


Suggested daily budgetAs Brazil is a rather an affordable tourist destination, 80 to 100 US dollars per day can cover accommodation, food, snacks, transportation, and other extra costs. This is perfect for people who are on a tight budget or people who enjoy backpacking internationally.

Money Saving Tips

Instead of eating luxuriously, you may want to purchase your food from local restos and fast food chains. They are equally delicious and affordable.
Instead of riding to reach your destination, if it is close enough, then you may consider walking that distance. However, be careful as pickpocketing tend to be prevalent on the streets of Rio.
When purchasing from local vendors, try to huggle. Some may offer freebies and discounts if you are kind enough to ask.
  • As traveling becomes more accessible and convenient, almost anyone can travel from one point to another. Airline and hotel accommodations are more affordable than they were before. There are a lot of discounts, promos and group tours that encourage us

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