What can I expect from Greece?

Infamously known as the country of the Gods, Greece is the home of endless mythology and epics. The country is the origin place of one of the greatest military leaders in history, Alexander the Great. It was also a place of great knowledge and inventions. During the earlier years of enlightenment, it was Greece who produces a lot of scholarly writings that are still relevant and important as to this day.

But, setting aside Greece’s expansive history, this country is a place of architectural paradise. Greece is one of the countries that have preserved a ton of old and historic buildings. However, the country will not only lure you with its extensive beauty but at the same time its food and culture. Located in the southern part of Europe, this country is something you would want to visit this 2020.

Things to See and Do in Greece

  • Parthenon

This 2,000-year-old building is one of its kind. Probably, one of the iconic landmarks around the world. Throughout the years, Parthenon has able to keep itself intact. Parthenon was used as the City Treasury, which was then converted into a Christian Church devoted to the Virgin Mary. Located at the top of a hill, Parthenon is part of the Acropolis of Athens. It overlooks the massive city of Athens. These beautiful ruins will remind you how Greece used and looked to be. It is a semi-travel to the past. However, as you visit the Parthenon, you would be able to check on the other temples on the Acropolis.

So, why should you visit this place? As mentioned, this is one of its kinds. You would barely see any kind of infrastructure similar to the Parthenon, except for an imitation of the building in Nashville, Tennessee.  

  • Meteora

 One of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites, Meteora has been able to capture the eyes, not only of local tourists but of everyone all around the world. What makes this place so unique from the other is, it is a monastery located in a rather unusual spot. This 24 story building is cradled on sandstone peaks, making it hard or nearly impossible to build. And considering that it was built in the 11th century.

This place also influenced the growth and development of Byzantine painting. This is a place you need to visit to believe how unbelievable it is.

  • Plaka

Plaka is a friendly neighborhood in Athens. Besides its aesthetic beauty, this place is family-friendly, where anyone can have a good stroll. Its cobbled stone pathway was maintained throughout the years. It provides a reminiscence of Athens. 

At the same time, a ton of shops is available in this area. You may want to take one item from the jeweler. It will make a great souvenir as keeps for the next few years.

  • Acropolis Museum

Are you tired of rounding around the city, but still want to admire what the country may offer? Acropolis Museum may be the one for you. This museum focuses on the archaeological integrity of the country. It summarizes everything you may see in the area. This is great for a family with kids or those with people who had a hard time walking around. 

  • National Garden, Athens

Wanted something new to see in Athens? National Garden may be the break you are looking for. This place is not only adorned by amazing architectures and sculptures, but also by breathtaking scenery. This park fits perfectly with people who wanted to take their time strolling around, or just have a break. This may serve as your buffer destination before continuing your other visitations.


Typical Costs When Travelling

AccommodationAccording to, the average cost for accommodation in Greece is 110 euros per night for two people. However, if you are planning to stay in a hostel instead, you can find a decent for 13 euros per night.

FoodAn average food cost a tourist may encounter is 28 euros per day. This includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner only.

TransportationThe average local transportation cost would wound up to 23 euros a day.

Suggested daily budgetA suggested daily budget for two persons can range from 128 euros to 212 euros. This is only for accommodation, food, and local transportation. You may need to prepare a separate budget for your entrance fees and tickets. However, Greece is such a gorgeous place. A lot of its hotspots for travelers do not have any fees, so try to maximize and take advantage of the following.

Money Saving Tips

If you wanted to cut costs for you to pay for that entrance fee, then you may consider booking the night at a hostel instead of a hotel. Remember, most of your time will be spent in the city itself, rather in bed.
Transportation costs can be insanely expensive if you are not aware of the routes. So, make sure to download all the necessary apps and do your research. However, if the destination is near enough, then you may skip transportation and get to walking.
Try traveling off-season. This applies to any travel you may have. You may be able to find cheaper deals and offers. Just make sure to compare it with the on-season prices to avoid being scammed.
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