What can I expect from Paris?

Paris is the capital of France. It is known as the City of Love and known for its iconic landmark: the Eiffel Tower. However, this City does not only boasts its Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. It also has more to offer than these two heavily visited places.

However, you should also take the time to learn at least the basic words of the French language. You must also go ahead and try their exotic foods. This City Does not only revolves around beauty and glam, but also creativity and diversity. 

This 2020, placed Paris in your list of travel destinations. This time, you are going to Paris, intending to discover more. 

Things to See and Do in Paris

  • Rue Crimeux

Rue Crimeux is a friendly-looking neighborhood. Similar to the Fisherman’s Wharf of Venice, Montmartre is lined with colorful buildings. It will make you look twice with its picturesque look. This eye candy will want you to stay longer. After taking the time to walk around, don’t just leave. Try and visit the local restos to dwell more on the local’s culture and local taste. 

  • Paris Catacombs

One of the underrated tourist spots in the City of Love is the Paris Catacomb. Paris Catacombs show Paris from another perspective. These Catacombs are connecting tunnels and are located below the busy Parisian streets. It shows you the dark history of Paris being adorned with a ton of skeletons. It may not be suitable for faint-hearted, so beware. However, as you proceed inside the Catacombs, you will realize that this beautiful city hides a little dirt in it.

Another friendly warning, the Paris Catacomb kind of stink, so prepare your noses. 

  • Gaîté Lyrique

Avoiding the tourist mayhem, but wants to enjoy the full artistic vibe of Paris? Gaîté Lyrique got you covered. This former 19th-century music hall, it exhibits modern subjects and arts. The contrast between the aged building and architect blend perfectly as a platform for the new art. 

It is also perfect for families who wanted to have a chill tour and are avoiding a crowd. This is also perfect for children as there are a lot of interactive activities such as imaginative storytelling and drawing. The library on the first floor does not require an entrance fee and available for anyone. 

  • Le Marché de Belleville

Visiting the market is the best and easiest way to understanding the culture of a place. People from different walks of life come here to pick up their respective purchases. And at the same time, you will be exposed to the readily available products the place has to offer. Try their local fruits you never heard before; munch on the weird-looking pastry that was displayed on the local bakery; drink the wine that is served in a weird looking glass. 

By the end of the day, you will feel grateful for having the opportunity of visiting this place and observing the individual lives of the locals. 

Are you tired of waiting in lines and joining a huge group tour in the Louvre Museum? Then Musee Rodin is here to the rescue. Musee Rodin features one artist only named Auguste Rodin. If you do not know him, well, he is the sculptor of the infamous The Thinker. Other works of Auguste are exhibited in this museum just to celebrate his art. It is refreshing to see a group of art produced by a single artist. The more you understand and have in-depth learning about their skills and how they choose their subjects. 

This museum also has a park, so make sure to visit the place during sunny weather. 


  •  Museum of Vampires and Legendary Cultures

Museum of Vampires and Legendary Cultures is not something you would expect to visit in the City of Love. This unusual museum exhibits the collection of Jacques Sirgent. Jacques Sirgent is an expert scholar of the undead. It sounds weird, but this place and its owner has its charm. 

However, if you are easily disturbed, then you may skip this place. At the entrance, you will be welcomed by a rather particular garden that looks like a cemetery. Also, besides the plastic bats, the human remains are told to be genuine. So prepare a barf bag just in case your stomach cannot handle it.

Typical Costs When Travelling

AccommodationIf you are going to stay in a hotel, the average accommodation cost will be 170 euros. The hotel accommodation is good for two persons.

FoodOne can spend 28 euros a day on food costs alone. However, if you are wise enough, there are a lot of small restos in the flea market. If you find them, then you can spend 11 euros per person per day.

TransportationThe average local transportation cost could wound up to 57 to 82 euros a day. It is pretty expensive considering this is the capital city of the country.

Suggested daily budgetParis is rather an expensive city. You might need 238 to 280 euros just to pay for accommodation, food, and transportation. Make some small adjustments for entrance fees and souvenirs.

Money Saving Tips

Find for a decent hostel, dorm room or rent an Airbnb. Hotels tend to be not affordable. In the end, you will be roaming around the city. The important thing is to find a safe place to sleep and a convenient area to place your luggage.
Or, you may book your accommodations outside the city. A lot of nearby towns surrounding Paris offer decent accommodation for a way cheaper price. Try to look around.
Do not go into bars just to drink wine. Go buy your wine at a local shop and drink the whole bottle until your soul is contented. A small glass of wine in Paris can destroy your budget.
Paris is a beautiful city. You may admire the city just by mere looking and walking around. You do not need to spend an extra 10 euros for admission to a museum packed with other tourists.
You must enter flea markets. They tend to have the cheapest price in the market, may it for food, souvenirs or other kinds of stuff.
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