The country of Spain is probably one of the nations that have a very extensive history. The stories of their conquests echo through time. Kids learned it in school and adults are fascinated by it. Through this time, it also influences and molds what is Spain now. This European country is surrounded by bodies of water, including the Atlantic Ocean. It is also surrounded by evergreens and concrete buildings. Also, some remains of the past stayed long enough for us to savor.

Make sure to place Spain in your next travel destination this 2020 to discover what is Spain all about. 

Things to See and Do in Spain

  • Watch a bullfight if you are strong-hearted

Although this activity does not work for everyone, bullfighting is an established part of Spain’s Culture. Even though it is not as popular as it used to be, bullfighting still captures a lot of attention to tourists and visitors.

  • Eat some Paella

Paella has been a staple for countries once conquered by Spain. However, would it be great to taste Paella from the very place where it originates? Make sure to savor every bite of the Paella. You may only get one chance to taste this.

  • Fly in the sky at Costa Brava

Costa Brava is fairly known for its skydiving activity. If you are a thrill-seeker or just plain adventurous, then this might be for you. As you descend, you will be able to feel a strong gust of wind and even view the whole Costa Brava. 

  • Just walk around the towns and cities of Spain

Similar to other European countries, Spain is lined up with beautiful architectural structures and building dating centuries ago. You do not need to pay extra cash just to admire these places. Besides, you can still get an Instagram worthy photo with this eye-candy as your background.

  • Discover the shy village of Siurana

This small village is cradled by the mountains and hidden from the Meditteranean Sea, Siuranan is a peaceful place to be. With all the stress one can have, Siuranan may provide the serenity you are looking for. This beautiful but timid village is embraced by Catalan Culture. So make sure while you are at it, learn more about the said village and its culture.

  • Strolling around the shores of Cabo de Gata

Cabo de gata is a hidden gem in the tourist-driven country of Spain, Cabo de Gata is such a picturesque escape that one would crave for. No entrance fee is required, so packed your sunscreen, umbrellas, clothes and other essentials. Try and get your perfect tan in this unspoiled beach.

Typical Costs When Travelling

AccommodationThe average hotel accommodation in Spain could cost around 99 euros per night for a couple of persons.

FoodFor food costs, a person may spend an average of 27 euros per day. Breakfast is usually the cheaper priced meal among the three. 

TransportationThe average local transportation cost in Spain is usually 40 to 50 euros a day. This is good for one person only.


Suggested daily budgetIt is advised that a person must have at least 235 euros as a daily budget. This covers accommodation, food, snacks, and local transportation. It could cover some admission fees, but make sure you used your money on those places you wanted to go and not because they are famous vacation spots.

Money Saving Tips

Book your accommodations online in advance. They tend to give cheaper rates a few months before your said arrival. The more you waited, the rates usually inflate. Unless you are lucky enough to encounter last-minute deals.
There are a lot of free attractions in Spain. You may search for them online or ask your receptionist.
Do not go immediately to the first cafe or resto you have seen. Canvass around and see any restaurants that fit in your budget.
If you can prep for your meal, then go ahead. This way you can save enough to go to that expensive restaurant you and your friends are talking about.
You do not need to tip or do not place too many tips. Tipping is not an established custom in Spain. Just give enough or something you are comfortable with.
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