What can I expect from Venice?

Venice is a city in Italy. It is infamously known as a waterfront city. If you say Venice, then the first thing you will be thinking is it’s Grand Canal and Gondolas. However, do not limit your imaginations of those two and make Venice a destination this coming 2020.

As a waterfront city, you could expect that they offer the freshest seafood in the market. Similar to famous European cities, Venice offers a lovely set of arts and architecture for everyone to admire. However do not think that this city is all about being posh and classy, Venice has a ton of bars and cafes every Jane and Joe may enjoy. 

Things to See and Do in Venice

  • Grand Canal

Known as the City of Canals, your trip to Venice may not be completed when you have not tried riding the Gondolas in Canal. For couples, this is a great way to feel romantic in the city. However, if you are not a fan of riding Gondolas, then you may freely admire them from the streets.


  • Burano

Burano is a row of fishermen’s houses. What makes it special is how it is brightly painted. Burano seems like a picturesque place you can only find in a kid’s fairy tale book. Any photo taken in this place will mesmerize anyone who saw it.

Take a stop in a nearby resto who offered a great seafood menu. At the same time, you may pass through Museo del Merletto which exhibits the local’s lace-making.  


  • Museum of Glass

Are you tired of looking at paintings and sculptures? The Museum of Glass displays another form of art anyone would love to look at. Located at the North of Venice, this museum is dedicated to the local Murano Glass. Murano Glass is known for its various glass arts. This 700-year-old form of art has been exposed to various countries, including Syria, Palestine, Greece, and Dalmatia.


  • St. Mark’s Square

St. Mark’s Square is one of the most visited places in Venice. It is Venice’s public square where anyone could freely enter. This square is dominated by the church of St. Mark and surrounded by the modern establishment. This is a great place for you to take a break and just admire the beautiful architect. It is so picturesque, it great looks on your photo as it looks great in person.


  • Teatro La Fenice

 One of the famous Opera House in Italian Theatre, Teatro La Fenice keeps up with the expectation for being beautifully classy. Unfortunately, in 1996 Teatro La Fenice was burned to the ground. However, with all the ground-breaking efforts, Teatro has been able to rebuild itself. If you have extra money to spare, this is the perfect place for you to watch theatre plays and re-imagine the lovely Venice art.  

Typical Costs When Travelling

AccommodationIf you are going to stay in a hotel, the average accommodation cost will be 50 to 100 euros. If you decided to book a hostel, then you are looking at an average cost of 10 to 15 euros.

Food An average food cost depends if you are going for luxurious restos or affordable ones. However, the average one may spend is 59 euros. This is only for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

TransportationThe average local transportation cost would wound up to 18 euros a day.

How to spend a Week in Italy

Suggested daily budgetSince a lot of places you can visit in Venice does not require payment of an entrance fee or tickets, then it is enough that one prepares a budget of 87 to 177 euros. However, if you plan to visit paid attractions, you may need an additional 56 euros.

Money Saving Tips

This tip does not get old, but booking a hostel is way affordable than booking a hotel. However, be careful of a scammy hostel and do your research about possible choices.
Avoid eating at Piazza San Marco. Prices of food tend to be inflated due to the sheer number of tourists. Try and shop around and you may find a hidden gem.
Avail the free walking tours in Venice. You could have an idea about the place by simply joining this group. However, make sure to book it early.
Get a tumbler and filled it with tap water. Venice’s tap water is drinkable. It is even free. Bottled drinking water tend to have obnoxious prices.
Lastly, Venice is not “Italy” when you did not try any booze or wine. Instead of going to a bar or cafe, buy your own at a local shop. It is affordable and you can drink the whole bottle for yourself.
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