Most asked questions

How do you manage to travel the world?

Traveling the world sounds ridiculous for some. For others, it is a dream they want to achieve. However, can one manage to travel the world?

Apparently, yes. A lot of people documented their travel around the world, one country to another. However, as we watch them, we cannot avoid but raise the question of how do they manage to travel the world? It seems the answer seems relatively simple.

These people travel the world but with a big caveat. They compromised a ton of things to accommodate their travels. But, some are fortunate for being rich and can just leap to the next airplane to another. Others are clever enough and immediately find the best deals available in the market. They tend to do their bookings a year or a few months before the said travel to save a ton of money. And for the remaining, they decided to stick on a nomadic lifestyle and just backpack from one place to another. 

Of course, the majority of these people have jobs. Some are freelancing; some are still under the 9-to-5 crew. In the end, you need to understand your limits and capabilities. You must be willing to surrender one thing for another. Some travelers dried their savings account to just have a full-blown Asian Tour. A family sold their house and properties and decided to sail all over the world.

One can travel the world. But it will take you a long time to manage how you should do it. Remember, do not immediately run to the first plane that has landed. It may not be for you.

How did you build and market your blog?

My blog is 50% experience, 30% research, and 20% opinion. I have traveled a lot. Even lost some things in the process. I used to travel as an escape from the stressful environment of work. And throughout my travel time, I learned things which I hope would not happen to others.

I build my blog intending to educate people about traveling in general. I market the idea that anyone can travel. I purposefully recommend places for one to visit. I aim to introduce the concept of safe travel and travel insurance. 

At the end of the day, I wanted to make sure that anyone who aspires to become a traveler like me could be properly guided with his travel decisions.

What restaurants do you recommend?

There are a lot of restaurants around the world. These restaurants may either be composed of five-star chefs or a local old lady boiling some noodles. However, here is a list of restaurants I would recommend to anyone:

  1. Ding Dong – Singapore
  2. Bún chả Hương Liên – Hanoi, Vietnam
  3. Good Taste Restaurant and Cafe – Baguio City, Philippines
  4. Katz’s Delicatessen – New York City, USA
  5. Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐) – Taipei, Taiwan
  6. L’As du Fallafel – Paris, France
  7. Chez Panisse – California, USA
  8. Noma (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Note however that this is not a ranking. This is based on my personal preferences. I just wrote all the restaurants I would love people to visit and try.

What Gear & Software do you use?

As to my travel gear, I usually have my camera, my laptop, and my trusty phone. That’s it. I do not use a fancy set-up. I do not necessarily need it. As for the software, I am currently using Windows 10 for my pc. And, I am currently using Adobe Lightroom to edit some of my photos during my travels. 

How to travel with your dog?

I think a lot of people have this issue. This led some to leave their dogs to somebody. However, there are instances where you just wanted to bring your dog, either because you are overly attached to your pet or he is your service dog. 

To help you have an overview about travelling with dogs, the following must be considered when you are going to travel with your dog:

  1. Research and ask for all the required documents by the state for the transport of your dog. Some countries have stricter rules concerning dogs as a traveling companion. However, they tend to be lenient towards people who have to keep their service dogs.
  2. Also, research about the policies of the airline you are planning to book your flight. This is to avoid any misunderstanding between you and them. Immediately communicate to them that you will be having your dog.
  3. Also, make sure that your dog knows where to pee and poo. Train them as much as possible to avoid disturbing other passengers. 
  4. Make sure to provide your dog treats and drinks especially if it will be a long ride.
  5. If your dog has some anxiety issues, provide toys that will calm him down or anything that will help your dog to relax. 

What low budget destinations do you recommend?

South East Asian Countries are the first countries I would immediately recommend. Most of the people in South East Asia speak decent English, which makes it easier to communicate. At the same time, they offer affordable services and activities. People are also warm towards foreigners and will do anything to help you.

You can spend less than 100 dollars per night and still enjoy the places decently.