As you get to travel around your town, your country or the world, then you already have an idea that your travel luggage should not be composed only by your OOTD outfits and camera. You may have come to realize and understand that there are some items that are not necessarily will make your Instagram photos amazing, but will definitely make your travel comfortable. In traveling, especially for first-time travelers, do not focus too much on what kind of look you are going for. Invest more in what kind of items would make your travel easier and less stressful.

The following are the best travel accessories to use during travel; at the same the best travel gifts you can give to any travel buddy of yours (or to yourself): 

Water Purifier Bottle

If you love backpacking, then this might work really well for you. Accessible drinking water can be a problem if you wanted to travel somewhere out in the wild, or if you are visiting a place where drinking water can be scarce. It is better to keep a water purifier bottle just in case. Besides, it is convenient to carry. It will not occupy too much space on your luggage. It is like carrying a tumbler.

Ear Plugs

Not every one of us enjoys playing music using earphones or wireless earpods during flight or a long bus ride. Mere earplugs make miracles. One cannot avoid the chance of having a crying baby on the ride or having a noisy seatmate in an hour-long shuttle service. Earplugs help you mute your environment and have the opportunity to find peace amidst your chaotic travel.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

If earplugs are not your thing, but you still wanted to mute the noise around you, then the noise-canceling headphones must be just for you. You can listen to music any time at any place you want without the hassle of listening to the murmurs surrounding you. It is especially great when you just wanted a good night’s sleep or to prevent anyone from bothering you. 

Hand Sanitizer Gel

It sounds mundane, but this hand sanitizer gel will save you from all the bacteria trying to sabotage you. A lot of times when traveling, we tend to hasten our travel time from one place to another. We, sometimes, ignore the fact that we barely wash our hands. And when you reach certain places on your visit, there is no available comfort room or washroom for you to at least wash your hands. To avoid any possible food poisoning, hand sanitizer gel will be your go-to weapon. 


Your phone might lose battery life anytime. It could happen during a walk along the park or during a cruise on the sea. We wanted to make sure that our phone ready anytime we wanted to take a snap of something or when an emergency suddenly comes up. However, we cannot avoid the chances where we forgot to charge our phones or we just consume the battery life too much because of endless selfies and IG stories. Powerbank is a convenient way to make sure that your phone’s battery life will last long enough to give you peace of mind.   

Document Organizer

 If you have been traveling quite a lot, then you know how hassle it can be to sort out your documents. To avoid any instances where you can lose your documents or forgot your passport on your way to the airport, it is highly advisable that you purchase a document organizer. Besides that it will keep your documents in place, it occupies a very tiny space in your luggage. At the same time, it will be easier for you to take your passport or other documents when asked by security at the airport.

Travel Bottles for your essentials

Do you want to bring your favorite shampoo on the trip but cannot because of how large its container is? Or, do you have a favorite lotion you cannot bring because it is too heavy? Travel Bottles will cover that for you. These travel bottles are tiny bottles that can contain around 20 ml to 100 ml of substance. This is ideal if you really wanted to bring a favorite lotion or shampoo with you. It makes it a little easier to pack your essentials with your trip.

Day Backpack

If you enjoy going around town, walking on a dirt road, or trekking in caves, then a day backpack will cause you comfort. Doing this kind of active activities is such a nightmare if you are carrying a piece of luggage. It does not only impede your speed but at the same time becomes a factor for everything you do. Having a day backpack makes it convenient for you to carry your essentials while being active around town.

Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Whether we like it or not, a ton of places around the world does not yet offer a fast or even a WiF connection. If you are visiting another country, then a stable connection is a must. Mobile WiFi Hotspot is an affordable way to solve your problem regarding the WiFi connection. However, you must remember that the strength and speed of the internet from country to country. So do not expect the first-world quality from a developing country. 

Make sure to check the available data plans in that area to make sure you get the most out of your money.

Travel Journal

A decent way to take note of your travel memories is having an easy carry travel journal. It fits well with any luggage and convenient to carry around. A travel journal is a great way to remind you of your previous endeavors or to remind you of any upcoming activity.


You do not need to complete these accessories to have a comfortable trip. However, pick at least one of the following to accompany you on your travel. It will surely come in handy and will make your travel a little bit more pleasant.  

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