People wanted to travel for various reasons. It ranges from wanting to travel to relax, to try the newest amusement ride or just to drink beer. Yes, you could visit the best travel places around the globe with the ultimate reason for wanting to try and drink beers the world has to offer. Every person has their reason to travel, and drinking may be the reason you are waiting for. And if this is not one of your reasons, then you may consider it. They said the best way to learn more about a place is to visit local restos and pubs. You must try their food and drinks to dwell more on the place’s culture. With this in mind, you may want to have your bucket list include a journey for the purpose of eating and drinking. It can be fun, you may never know.

You may want to consider the following destinations as your first places to visit this coming vacation month. 


Most of us know that Europeans are known for their love for their drinks, from the ever traditional mixes to wild cocktails. Lithuania, just located above the country of Belarus, is cited as the heaviest drinking country in Europe. This may sound a feat considering that countries like Russia and Germany are known for their explosive cities occupied by alcohol-loving residents. But do not let this quiet country fool you. You may want to visit Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, to have a taste of their awesome drinks. 

As you roam around the beautiful city, make sure to head down to local pubs. Lithuanians are known for their love for beers, so make sure to order one as you sit comfortably with the locals. If alcohol is not your target, you may want to order for Gira, a non-alcoholic traditional Lithuanian drink. Just to have an idea what Gira is made of, it is Rye bed. If this does not appeal to you, then you may want to order for spirit drinks that are infused with herbs and fruits. If you are still unsure, you may want to ask some of the locals. They surely know what the best drink which will make Lithuania proud. 

Munich, Germany

Germany is one of the countries that is popular for their love for beer. And Munich, Germany will not disappoint. This beautiful city will not only steal your holiday cheer and vacation mood but also your quench for their infamous beer. As soon as the sun starts to set, you may want to find yourself in a traditional Wirtshaus pub-restaurant, a beer garden or a beer cellar. As you look around, you may be amazed to see that from college students to professionals flocked to these places. The cool ambiance plus a cold glass of beer makes a rather warm atmosphere. Make sure to chat with locals as you chug your first Munich beers. Also, make sure to hop around bars. Beers from respective bars have different tastes and flavors. You may be surprised by how amazingly distinguished these beers taste like.

Budapest, Hungary

Another European country on the list, Budapest, Hungary will surely not disappoint. This bustling and the well-beloved city is not only boosting its modern and classical architectural structures. Budapest is known for its active nightlife. This attracts not only the locals but tourists from all over the globe. You may find yourself with friends bar hopping along in this flashy city. Make sure to order the in house special to taste their incredible masterpieces. White wine is a good choice for you to start your drink binging journey. You may also enjoy cocktails like mojito and cosmopolitan. Do not be afraid to do a little splurge with your drinking splurge as drinks do not normally exceed 4 euros. Make sure to prepare enough money to have a rather eventful and exciting night. 

If you are not an alcoholic lover, do not be afraid to ask the bartender or the server. A lot of pubs and bars around Budapest offers non-alcoholic drinks such as mocktails, in-house lemonade and fruit juices. You do not need to drink and consume alcohol to enjoy a drink binging journey. What is more important is that you are actually comfortable with what you order. No one wants an uncomfortable journey, especially if you are going to spend a decent amount of money. 

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