Travelling is such an amazing way to find enjoyment, peace and excitement in one plate. For others, they enjoy the aspect of travelling due to its fast-paced itinerary. For some, they wanted the idea of just sunbathing under the warm summer sun. But whatever floats your boat, one cannot deny that travelling is something everyone can truly enjoy. 

Interestingly, there are some travellers who fully enjoy their travel by walking. It sounds unusual and almost impossible, but a lot of people have been travelling by foot. This should not be surprising news as people before us have been walking around the world. So, should we get to know some amazing people of this millennia who were able to travel the world on foot? 

Dave Kunst

The first person to be verified to have walked a route around the world. Of course, this does not include the oceans as we all know, we barely know anyone who actually walks on water. Dave Kunst was not alone when he started and continued his journey. He was accompanied by his brothers John Kunst and Pete Kunst. Unfortunately, John Kunst was killed during their travel on Afghanistan by bandits. But this does not stop Dave Kunst to continue this life-long calling. After the lapse of four years, he was able to finish the long walk around the world. 

Dave Kunst showed to any aspiring walk or foot traveller that this kind of journey is not simple. It is tiresome and troublesome. It’s not all bliss and excitement. We must learn that we must take caution regardless of what we have and how safe we feel. Make sure to at least check on tips for travelling alone for you to have an idea. 

Ffyona Campbell

Ffyona Campbell made history as the first woman to traverse by foot around the world. This amazing feat, unfortunately, was taken away after it was discovered that she cheated multiple times in her travel in the United States. But it does not remove the fact that she still was able to walk for more than 20,000 miles. Although she cannot uphold the record of being the first woman to walk by foot around the globe, she still maintains the record as the fastest crossing by foot on Australia.

Ffyona Campbell had her amazing feats. But it shows that we have a limited capacity. Make sure not only to have your body prepared, but also your mental state. You do not know how walking could be exhausting. People may misunderstand that the thrill of this adventure will keep anyone moving. But in the end, travelling on foot could also exhaust you. You will miss home. You will lose contact with friends and family members. Or worse, you may lose yourself in the process. You need to understand that this is not only travelling. 

Jean Beliveau

Jean Beliveau is one of the most amazing walk travellers you will ever know. This man spends 11 years and 54 pairs of shoes to accomplish the feat of walking around the globe. Beliveau uses this as a platform to promote his advocacy for peace and a nonviolent approach to children. His travel is deemed as one of the slowest travel by foot. And can he help it? Beliveau snaps photos of himself and the places he visits. He also immerses himself in the culture and gets to know the people he met. This simple thing edges him out from other walk travellers.

One can learn from Beliveau is about the beauty of travelling. It is not all about being the fastest walk traveller or being the greatest one. It is about enjoying and taking every moment of it. It is pretty useless to aspire to be something when you forget to enjoy the journey. People tend to forget about simple things that could essentially help us appreciate what we see more. Walk travelling is more than its uniqueness, it’s a lifestyle that you may need to commit. It requires all of you. 


As you start your journey, you may want to remind yourself what is it for. That simple statement may change or have an idea about how you perceive travelling as a whole.