As you tour these foreign places, do you find any similarities or commonalities between them that seem very majestic and soothing? One thing is for sure amidst these doubts, a body of water that adorns a highly urbanized place is simply attractive that it immediately gains a tourist’s admiration. People are quite fond of how this sight brings a satisfying feeling from its mere appearance. One can safely assume that these attractions hold many stories that transcend through time, which makes them more alluring to a typical traveler. 

Waterfront cities have become infamous for their magical charm. It is no question why a ton of tourists from all over the world visits the place. From almost any country all around the globe, they showcase their waterfront city. So here’s a list of the world’s best waterfront cities.

1. Venice, Italy

Probably one of the more known waterfront city, Venice is a place rich with history. This waterfront city is fully admired by many. You can fully visualize and appreciate the city through a wide range of activities such as walking along the sides of the city or taking a boat ride on Venice’s Grand Canal. Do not forget to immerse yourself in the readily available art in the city. Look around you and I assure you, from the building’s architectural design to its gondola, you would surely comment that this place is a living art.

2. Auckland, New Zealand 

It is a major city on the northern island of New Zealand. It is also known as the ‘City of Sails’. You can immediately infer from its nickname what makes this city appealing. If you enjoy sailing or just enjoy going around the port, then this may the sailing haven you have been looking for. It is a large city inhabited with carefree souled people, whom you will surely enjoy as having your company at bars, restaurants and just around town.

3. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is Thailand’s capital city. It offers tourists exotic experiences from their food to the very heart of their culture. It is an exciting exploration of the country, learning more about the country from its shrines and monuments to their extraordinaire floating market. It continues to attract tourists, not only for their culture but for the affordable necessities one can avail.

4. Miami, Florida 

Miami is South Florida’s main center city. It is known for being the center of media, economy, finance, and culture. The place is popular for its crystal clear beaches, gathering millions of tourists to enjoy an array of recreational activities.

5.  Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is known as one of the Global Cities. Besides its booming economy, Hong Kong is known for its tourism. Although Hong Kong looks tiny on the map, this place is massively large, giving off an extraordinaire experience for tourists. People around the world flock in this mighty city for their luxury brand stores, amusement places, and the infamous Victoria’s Harbor. This city by the water does not catch a break and open 24/7.

6. New York City, US

New York City is surrounded by the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean. The city is famous for being a fashionista street, an extensive array of food, and buzzing nightlife. Despite commonly being portrayed as chaotic and loud, New York is home to famous museums and musicals that were internationally recognized. This city is also one of the most visited places during New Year’s Eve for its infamous New Year’s Eve in Time Square.

7. San Francisco, California

This place massively influenced the history and reputation of, not only California but of the United States. San Francisco is an active city, being featured in multiple media. San Francisco is infamously known for its Golden Bridge and the former Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary. However, if you enjoy going to the port, then you need to visit Fisherman’s Wharf.

8. Sydney, Australia 

Sydney was one of the first places which the British have visited back in the late 1700s. It is usually mistaken as the capital of Australia. Well, it cannot be avoided as it is one of the famous waterfront cities in the world. It is a place full of unique infrastructures that mirrors the place’s culture. An example is the Sydney Opera House. More likely than not, this is the first thing that pops in your head when you talked about Sydney.

9. Singapore 

Known for its small geophysical structure, Singapore is one of the leading giant economical figures around the globe. The city introduces over the top luxuries from cuisines to great shopping malls which allows the tourists to feel Singapore.

10. Barcelona, Spain

Being Spain’s second-largest city, Barcelona shows innovative and diverse choices that engage the tourists to explore its wide array of history. Also famous for its culture, economy and tourist attractions, Barcelona continues to grow in popularity among international tourists.


11. Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is formerly Japan’s capital city. It plays a huge role in its country’s culture and tradition. It is one of the gorgeous cities in the world, perfectly blending its nature’s beauty with that of Japan’s urbanization.

12. Cape Town, South Africa

Also known as the ‘Mother City’, Cape Town is South Africa’s oldest city. It has a unique topography that perfectly compliments the city’s attractions, mainly Victoria & Alfred Waterfront.


13. London, UK

It is the capital of the United Kingdom. It is among the oldest famous cities in the world. The city holds rich histories that dated back thousands of years ago. It is home to magnificent cultures and renowned infrastructures like Big Ben and the London Eye.

14. Chicago, US

Chicago is the third-largest city in the United States with tens of nicknames including The Wind City and The White City. It has peculiar towns of its own that are continuously being visited by tourists. It is popular for long miles of waterfronts and beaches that attract millions of visitors every year.

15. Shanghai, China

It is one of China’s major cities and one of the world’s largest seaports that supports China’s large industries. Despite having heavy urbanization, Shanghai still displays the rich culture of its country in many unimaginable ways.

These waterfront cities are something every traveler craves for. It is one might have in their bucket list. However, make sure to check on the corresponding travel safety tips before going somewhere. Traveling is not fun when safety is compromised.

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